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Amalgam Separators

While the EPA ruling makes installing an amalgam separator mandatory, paying for one is most definitely not! As many of you know, a new EPA rule requires all dental practices to install amalgam separators and recycle the waste annually.

A separator can cost $850(1) or more but the VDA has arranged for its dentists to receive a FREE amalgam separator when signing up for DRNA’s low-cost recycling service with a 3 or 5-year service agreement.(2)

(1) Retail price of the unit has, from time to time, been less because of promotions.
(2) Receive a free unit when you sign a 3- or 5-year recycling agreement at $500/year for the BU10-5 and $750/year for the BU10-30, inclusive of all costs.

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Generic Separator Cartridge

Already have an amalgam separator?

DRNA provides special pricing for VDA Member dentists when replacing your Hg5®(1) amalgam recycling cartridge with DRNA’s generic cartridge. The DRNA amalgam cartridge works with your dental office’s dental amalgam recycling unit at a fraction of the price of the brand-name cartridges, and has been successfully tested to ISO 11143 standard.

DRNA’s price for VDA Member dentists is $210 for its replacement amalgam recycling cartridge, recycling included – over a 40% savings from the brand name cartridge sold by a major dental dealer(2). As an added bonus, buy two replacement cartridges and only pay $195 for each cartridge.

(1) Solmetex® and Hg5® are registered trademarks of Solmetex, Inc. DRNA is not affiliated with or sponsored or endorsed by Solmetex, Inc.
(2) 40% off price comparison based on price listed for the Solmetex® Hg5® amalgam recycling cartridges in the online Benco Dental catalog, February 2019

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To purchase one cartridge at $210, Use Promo Code: VDAOneC

To purchase two or more cartridges at $195 each, Use Promo Code: VDATwoC

To order please call 800-360-1001 ext. 2.

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