Kerr Partnership

Understanding that any successful transition requires the right equipment and the necessary education, Kerr Corporation is partnering with Dental Recycling of North America, Inc. (DRNA) to support dental practices through information, training, documentation and equipment.

RecyleAmalgamWaste.com — a new site hosted by DRNA — builds on the organization’s successful relationship with Kerr to provide resources exclusively for Kerr customers. These include:

  • A complete checklist of key points regarding compliance with the new EPA regulations, including FAQ’s
  • A list of future dates of DRNA webinars on the new EPA regulations 
  • An update on disposal and recycling policies of Evac-u-Traps™ and chairside Pinnacle™ traps, as well as the best solutions for compliance 

About Kerr Corporation

For nearly 125 years, Kerr has been serving the comprehensive needs of the entire dental care community in pursuit of enhancing oral health.  Individual Kerr brands are encompassed within the Kerr Restoratives, Kerr Endodontics, Kerr Rotary, and Kerr TotalCare platforms. By providing best-in-class, patient-based solutions, we believe that in partnership with those we serve - “Together we’re more.”

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