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An Effortless Way for Dental Practices to Protect the Environment

An Effortless Way for Dental Practices to Protect the Environment

My dental practice's experience

As a long-term practicing dentist, I have been continually mindful of the potential impacts dentistry can have on the environment. It is for this reason that I have been steadfast in my commitment to properly handling and disposing of all amalgam waste generated at my practice. I have been utilizing an amalgam separator since 2011 and have consequently prevented 2.3 lbs. of mercury from entering the local wastewater system. When it comes to a substance as harmful and toxic as mercury, every bit counts. A single pound of mercury is enough to contaminate a 22 acre lake to the point where fish consumption should be carefully monitored. With the proximity of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River to the Denver area, it is vital to the health of these aquatic systems that mercury is prevented from reaching their depths.

The harm posed by this substance has prompted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to propose effluent guidelines for dental discharges of amalgam, which it did on September 25, 2014. Prior to this, the Denver Metro Area imposed guidelines for best management practices for amalgam waste. The efforts I have put in over the years already prepared me for the Denver guidelines and even though the EPA regulations are much more stringent than in Denver, I am already equipped to be in compliance with the rule when it is finalized. Over the years, my waste management needs have been addressed through Dental Recycling North America, Inc. Although several companies sell amalgam separators, none tackle the issue as successfully as DRNA does. DRNA’s understanding of the regulatory landscape, its annual recycling services, and provision of compliance documentation ensures that all regulatory matters are adequately addressed.  I have had the DRNA system in my office for 5 years now. It's simple, turnkey and affordable. They do all the heavy lifting and will get you into compliance with minimal effort on your end. I feel this one is a no brainer.