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How Dental offices can dispose of their wastes by utilizing affordable and portable DRNA services

How Dental offices can dispose of their wastes by utilizing affordable and portable DRNA services

Dental Recycling North America is a committed waste management company that has been in existence for over twenty years. It delivers regulatory solutions to more than 73,000 dentists within the dentist community. In North America, it is the leading provider of dental waste management services. Located at 1270 Avenue of the Americas Suite 1820 New York, it is one of the few companies which provide customer-centered services while strictly adhering to the required standards.

Dental Recycling North America offers a wide range of commercial support services including providing equipment, documentation, education, and recycling solutions for the dental community. A number of these recycling services are available. These include amalgam recycling, infection prevention and control through the disposal of medical wastes, sharps and pharmaceuticals, x-ray lead foil recycling, x-ray chemistry recycling, and amalgam separator.

Amalgam separator and recycling

This is a system used in the removal of mercury in wastewater from dental offices. Having been tested to ISO 11143:2008 standard DRNA's amalgam separator satisfies both locally, state, and federal regulations and compliance.

Why use the Amalgam Separator

The advantages include that there is only one amalgam separator per vacuum with the ability to be installed on both wet and dry vacuums. In addition, there is no need for closely monitoring a fill line; only recycle one unit per year. There is a demand for pick-up recycling and documentation and the best part is the initial amalgam separator and accessory kit are free.

Various types of amalgam separators

· BU10

o Has one to eight chairs having two openings, an inlet, and an outlet. It plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet with dimensions of 20.5" H by 8.5" D.

· BU10-30

o It has nine to sixteen chairs with two opening inlets and an outlet. It plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet with dimensions of 25' H by 12.5' D.

Amalgam disposal

Amalgam waste such as capsules extracted teeth with amalgam and scraps are easily handled by ordering an amalgam all-inclusive recycling service. Various gallons are available, ranging from 1.25, 2.5 up to 5 amalgam recycling kits. Inclusions of Amalgam Mail- back kit include:

· A prepaid return label.

· Quality waste recycling at the United States Environmental Protection Agency satisfied facility.

· All compliance documentation.

How can I get the amalgam separators?

The company has its official website where prospective customers can access any information concerning the purchase and use of these separators. However, you are just a phone call away. Access Dental Recycling North America customer service professionals at 800-360-1001.

Pharmaceutical waste disposal

Dental Recycling North America has a 1.25-gallon pharmaceutical kit where all anesthetics, sedatives, all types of solid form drugs, injectables, and Intravenous sedation tubing for safe disposal. The disposal treatment kit includes proper incineration of the pharmaceutical wastes. There are also liquid control procedures that ensure maximum safety, a prepaid return label, and compliance in the documentation.

How can I reach Dental recycling North America concerning pharmaceutical disposal?

There is nothing to worry about by clicking a button on your phone, you will get all the necessary information and service. You can also purchase the pharmaceutical disposal kit via Dental Recycling North America's official website.

X-ray waste disposal

This is done using three methods: X-ray lead foil, Fixer and developer Chemistry disposal system, and the Fixer chemical processing only. X-ray lead foil is available in gallon trap containers ranging from 1.25, holding up to 20 pounds of X-ray Lead foils. This significantly leads to a reduction in recycling costs.

What are the services offered by the X-ray lead Foil Recycling Service?

Recycling of wastes is done at the United States Environmental Protection Agency. There is a prepaid return label and all compliance documentation

Fixer and developer Chemistry disposal system

It is a 5-gallon disposal system allowing 2.5-gallon disposal of Fixer and 2.5gallons of developer all in one kit. It absorbs all X-ray chemical wastes increasing their suitability to be disposed of with other regular trash. This is because the waste is rendered non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Fixer Chemical processing only

Used in Fixer X-ray chemistry wastes management by recycling Fixer spent waste with strict adherence to Environmental Protection Agency discharge limits. Advanced fixer recovery units' window series' have maximum discharge limits of less than 5ppm. The services offered by the Fixer Chemical processing only services include

· Quality waste recycling in the United States Environmental Protection Agency

· Prepaid Return Label

· All compliance documentation

· Shipping of a new recovery unit annually.

Medical wastes and sharps disposal

There has been a revolution with Dental Recycling North America in dental care waste management by significantly reducing huge costs previously incurred. These include transportation costs and expensive hauling. By purchasing disposal services from Dental Recycling North America, you will be saving a lot of time, effort, and costs to your company’s bottom line.

Furthermore, this company assures management of all hazardous waste, including sharps and soft wastes. Kits range from 1.5 to 30 gallons depending on your preference and ability. Components of the medical wastes and sharps mail back kit includes:

· A proof of waste destruction

· Proper waste incineration and no landfill

· There is a prepaid Return Label with approved packaging materials

The future of Dental Recycling North America

Due to its excellent reputation, a Dental Recycling International global initiative has been started. These projects will put into practice all the experience and knowledge of Dental Recycling North America to manage waste across the globe. As a result, both the private and public sector dental clinics will have an opportunity to access what Dental Recycling North America has brought to the table.

United Nations Environmental Programme developed these projects, and the first installment of the amalgam separators will be done in East Africa. Countries benefiting from this will be Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

At the top of its industry, Dental Recycling North America customized services offered to meet the client’s needs. The company is proud of its reputation, client retention, recommendations, and growing market share. Call us today to see how we can best meet the needs of your practice.