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'Going Green' A practice that every dental office should adopt

'Going Green' A practice that every dental office should adopt

Over the recent years, there have been massive efforts regarding the green environment 'going green.' Eco-dentistry practices conserve resources while minimizing detrimental effects on the environment. Dental offices and the dental community should aim at sustainability by adopting measures and policies which support eco- dentistry. Dental office managers and the dentist community may become overwhelmed in their move towards a green and sustainable environment.

As a consumer, no matter what you are buying, be it dental supplies or any other product, your environmental footprint should be at the back of your mind. If you can manage this, then you are part of the ‘going green’ stewardship. There are many benefits for 'green solutions,' that cuts across the dentist community, patients, and the entire population.

Why go the eco-dentistry way?

Boosting staff performance

An environmentally friendly ecosystem makes workers happier. It builds morale, teamwork, and healthy community spirit. People feel part of such a program and own it because it positively impacts everyday life.

Green initiative brand loyalty

Consumers all over the world are now conscious of their effects on the environment and loyal to a greener initiative business model. To promote an environmentally friendly habitat, clients will look for sustainable companies concerned about its footprint on the environment. Eco-dentistry practices will therefore attract a massive number of clients knowing that their health is in safe hands.

Reducing production costs

Practice production costs are at the forefront of revenue generation. Your production costs can be reduced through environmentally friendly practices. This may include the digitalization of scripts to minimize paperwork and reusable material to replace disposable ones.

What to consider before producing an eco-dentistry footprint

If you are in your early stages of going green, there are questions to answer to ensure you use a product that produces minimal wastes. Look at how production impacts the product or service you are utilizing and what type of waste is generated after using the product. There are various ways of minimizing this, which include:

Minimizing your packaging techniques

One way of doing this is by using products that require minimal packages or by use of biodegradable products.

Use products that can be reused or recycled

The disposable product should never be your priority, but you should opt for those allowing more than once use. For instance, you may consider the use of air driers in place of paper towels. If this is still not possible, then consider recyclable products.

Avoid obsolete and low-quality products

High-quality products are likely to last for a relatively long time. Furthermore, by investing in modern, up-to-date appliances will avoid buying a new product annually. Energy-saving appliances minimize energy consumption and emissions to the environment.


Unlike in the past where only a few products like paper were recycled, electronic gadgets can now be recycled. With the use of Google, you can easily find recycling services being offered near you.

Use of water filters

Adding water filters to faucets prevents the staff from burning through plastic single use water bottles. In addition, a water purification system may be a timely investment.

Restrict use of screen savers

One of the best ways of ensuring patients confidentiality among the dental communities is by using screen savers. However, this uses a lot of energy. Therefore, should be substituted with a more energy-saving mode like blank mode to ensure the patient's privacy. Implementing these practices is a step toward a more sustainable environment that every individual will be happy living in.

Increasing the use of amalgam separators

Mercury contamination is among the challenges posed to the environment by the dental offices and dental community. Mercury is among the chemicals used in the dental industry to bind metals together; therefore, if released to the environment, there is a high possibility that this can enter water bodies, causing pollution.

Saving water and energy consumption

Eco-dentistry can save a lot of money spent on these two commodities by reducing the cost of production. Your local water and utilities companies have outreach specialists that will create a plan for your business.

Incorporation of high technology

The use of advanced technology in the dental industry has been a centerpiece in the minimization of wastes generated. In addition, this reduces the number of wastes exposed to patients and staff. Various environmentally friendly sterilization methods like steam sterilization are also worth mentioning.

What are the barriers to eco- dentistry?

There are several factors which must need to be analyzed on an individual basis. These are the following.


The cost of initiating these greener practices is very high, thereby slowing down the implementation of these practices.

Lack of state and federal policies and regulations

Accountability remains a voluntary action in the dental community due to the lack of a centralized approach towards environmental sustainability.

The limited literature on environmental sustainability measures

Many dental offices and oral health professionals lack knowledge on how they can transform their practices into an eco-friendly field. Only a few biological dentists use natural therapies and conventional therapies to diagnose and treat oral problems.

The takeaway

Eco dentistry creates a caring and sustainable environment for every patient, dental office, and dental practitioner. For instance, dental professionals can implement infection control procedures in line with the environment while adhering to aseptic techniques. It is everyone's responsibility to minimize energy consumption, water usage, greenhouse gases, and landfill waste. These practices aid the dental offices in providing social value and a bright future to the surrounding community. In the present world, everyone is on the advocacy for sustainable ecosystem practices.

As a dental practitioner, going green may not be in your vocabulary yet. However, dental practices contribute immensely to environmental pollution. It is your obligation, therefore, to ensure these procedures do not produce harm to the environment. The majority of the population is now opting to support and buy companies that are steadfast in safeguarding the planet goes 'green.' Additionally, employees now prefer to work for an employer who is conscious about the environment.

Evolution of your dental practice is inevitable. If you can build a strong relationship with your patients and attract more clients, why not look into it now. Contact us for more information. Potential is around you, find it through a heartfelt commitment to eco dentistry practices.